Baby Care Natural Remedies To Get More Healthy

Natural Remedies

Bringing your newborn baby home gives you happiness. But, the real task starts from here to take care of your baby’s health. Even doctors suggest the old natural home remedies for a newborn baby for a quick recovery. Well, here are some of the natural remedies to get your child more healthy.

1. A sore throat – Lemon & Honey:
Mix half spoon of Honey with Lemon and microwave the mixture for 30 seconds. Then make your child swallow a spoon of it at a time. This mixture even cures a cough.

2. Colic – Chamomile Tea:
Steep Chamomile tea for 4-5 minutes and let it cool to room temperature. Take only 3-4 ounces of tea in a bottle and give it your baby a day. Avoid more than that.

3. Bug Bites – Baking Soda:
Mix a spoon of baking soda in water and make into a thick paste. Alkaline nature of baking soda helps to counteract the swelling. Apply this paste on the swelling and let it dry.

4. Nose Bleeds – Cyanne Pepper:
Take a pinch of Cyanne Pepper powder in a wet cotton and dab it inside the nose or the area of bleeding.

5. Headaches – Ice Packs:
Wrap few ice pieces in a dish towel and press it against the forehead and temples of your baby to reduce a headache. Neer place ice cube directly on the baby’s skin.

6. Tummy Or Neck Pain – A Sock With Rice:
Take a sock filled with rice and slightly microwave it. Then place the socks in the areas of baby’s tummy and neck to reduce pain.

7. Water In-Ear – Hair Dryer:
It is a difficult task to remove water from your child’s sensitive ear. Stand feet long and place the dryer near to the ear so that water gets dried off.

Above listed are some of the baby care natural remedies that you should keep in mind for baby’s good health.